Dispelling Irrigation System Myths  

People these days are very concerned about waste and environment, recycling efforts across the board have increased in homes and even business owners are recycling too. Some grocery stores are now encouraging their customers to use canvas bags instead of plastic bags. With so many people concerned about being eco-friendly, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear questions like if your product is good or bad for the environment.

Irrigation System

In a sprinkler system, many people are asking if it is really conserving water. And the answer is yes. In fact, an irrigation system is actually eco-friendlier than watering using traditional; methods like using a sprinklers and hose. This is because irrigation systems are more sophisticated and can be programmed to target only specific areas of your lawn. In this way, the green areas which really need most of the water get it while the areas that don’t need that much water, do not use more water that it needs.

One myth is that most believe that irrigation systems are necessarily expensive. This is because many people have seen irrigation systems in high-end business and luxurious neighborhoods. Most people assume that this must be expensive because they can be found most of the time in affluent areas. The very truth about this is that the irrigation system could be expensive but the irrigation system can also be affordable. It always depends on the needs of your area and how much you are planning to spend. Just think of this, if your 10,000 sq. ft. lot will install an irrigation system worth $4500 and is installed properly and correctly programmed, it could last for 15 years or more. That could only cost $300 a year if you break down the total annual cost.

If you are aware of your summer water bills, check the increase in your water consumption during summer watering using sprinklers and hose and then factor in the hassles of manually watering your lawn, the turning on or off and following the restrictions to water the areas that have minimal rain then moving the manual sprinklers and hose around, remember to do it on scheduled time every day ensuring that every area on the yard is watered. With the effort you used and the time you spend added with the cost of water increase during summer could probably cost you $300 or maybe more.

Sprinkler system and drip irrigation system could both be designed to be the best lawn irrigation for your lawn. A professionally programmed and installed irrigation system is much more eco-friendly, convenient and accost effective method of watering than your traditional method. So, check myths before assuming. Have your lawn checked with your irrigation specialist for any questions and concerns because these specialists in irrigation system will be happy to serve you in the field of their expertise and skill making the best out of your lawn by giving them the necessary needs through a proper irrigation system that suits your lawn. And that is not a myth.